Go Fish star Jill Maria Robinson has had quite the year already!
Jill has started making her own projects, most recently she is in post production for, “I’m Just Al”! As a new rising star in film in Canada, and with one major TV role from Go Fish, some people are surprised and curious, why create your n project now when? Jill shares the real reasons behind why and believe us, it’s another story in itself! As we see it, it’s a story of friendship, passion for film and creating projects with people who she is influenced by 
With every big star, there is always a support system behind them. You can’t do it alone in entertainment, we all know that. For Jill it’s Allan Stickel and Zulie Alnahas.When we first met Jill Maria, we noticed her exotic appearance similar to Mila Kunis, Monica Bellucci and Mindy Kalhling. The first few questions we asked her as many people do, where are you from? This mid 20’s actor has quite the background, being adopted from an orphanage at three and half, she grew up in another life as she puts it. J.M.R is a Romanian Jewish born Canadian who grew up as a Christian with a British/Scottish and Hispanic background. We see her as her own and whatever she grew up as wasn’t what shaped her, it was her friends. J.M.R is the brand name she goes by because her name is so long. Plus it’s very fitting for how many roles she does within entertainment, as a certified makeup artist, publicist and actor. Jill was discovered in 2012 by Zulie Alnahas, creator and co-star of “Go Fish”. These two have a deep loyalty to another that is very apparent on social media. Since the show the two girls have been walking their paths in film together. Also seen in their group are actors, Josee Nisbet, Allan Stickel, Neil Shaw, Wassim Aladdin, Neil Enock and Brandon Watson who attend all major events together.

The cast of Go Fish YYC.

In 2015 Jill started traveling to California several times within a year, to attend film events being a “Go Fish actor. We don’t know any other rising actor who takes as many people up with her as she can – and on purpose. There is a definite Taylor Swift squad style happening with her. Jill describes what she is doing in film is really inspired by her friends and the greats she has been watching since, “The Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz. She was a shy performer in drama, as a kid in school now she is known as charismatic and supportive and always wanting to learn more. any.  “To become a successful and a respected actor is very difficult; I never had a realistic dream of being in film or starring in show. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else in life. To me, it’s not what level of film or how much you make or how many celebrities you know, that drives me to do acting. My best friends Zulie and Allan are the reasons I do this as a career now, “shares Jill. Both of her film besties have encouraged her to keep going and have always worked together on their created projects. I don’t get a thrill out of people wanting to comment and judge me from being on screen. The creator and the director are the people I want to make sure are happy from how I’ve portray my character. I set up most of the media for Go Fish, so I never feel like a star, the excitement of being interviewed is always more for the people around me. If I didn’t do the P.R. then who would is how I feel, sadly there’s a lack of Publicists in the indie film market in Calgary,” says Jill. Most of Jill’s focus in the last two years has been about Go Fish and other people she supports long the way. She’s also been a part of over a dozen other projects as a hair/makeup artist, actor or publicist.
In April Jill set up in 24 hours a full week of shooting multiple interviews for “Go Fish” the indie project that made it on to Shaw TV and hit 1.5 million viewers. Jill’s followers wondered how and why she did she do all of this which seemed sudden. Especially the media support wondered the real reason, which was to make sure she got her friend Allan Stickel advertised more before his cancer surgery and treatments. “I didn’t want Al to miss being a part of the media for the news we wanted to share about “Go Fish” and its second season,” says Jill. Al plays a co-star on the show. Jill describes Allan as the one man in her life that shows her he loves her for her no matter what she can do for him, and will never give up on her. Allan has taught her how to respect herself and demand respect from others. “Life doesn’t go as smoothly without Al by my side. He believes in me and has seen me hurt from many people and all my successes. Al is in almost every big experience in film with me. There is no me without Al it feels,” shares Jill. When news broke out about Allan’s severity of his health concerns, Jill with no hesitation made a whole shooting schedule happen to make a Documentary about this retired Cowboy, Firefighter now Actor. The Documentary “I’m Just Al,” features Allan as he talks with the Rocket House team, and inserted are many clips with close friends Allan has worked with, in the past four years. It’s really an in depth look into Al’s life where he shares the good, the bad, his dreams, fears and many messages about what he has learned from life.
The project “I’m Just Al,” came to be because of what was truly going on in Jill and Zulie’s lives with Allan. It was not that hard to get many people a part the project! Jill was conscious to make it easy as can be for Allan; it was very emotional for a straight week. “I will market this 90 minute Documentary for the rest of my life and every project I create will be inspired by Al one way or another, I just feel it. I hope to share it with all the people who care for Allan in the late spring. I feel Al’s story is one we could all learn from to learn be inspired to become our best selves. I think it’s what I was meant to do in life, is tell Al’s story and leave a legacy of a man who changed my life. He’s been like a father and best friend to me that now I can’t live life without him. I just hope that I do a great job for him and make him proud,” says Jill. The project was shot by Jaimie Stewart for Allan’s interview scenes, also shot and edited by Brad Kimmett a videographer from YYScene. A story of friendship and creating turns into a life time of inspired dreams. @jillmariarobinson Written by Delaine Nightingale
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Go Fish YYC’s Jill Maria Robinson Making Her Own

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