The Juice That Keeps Me Going

Dante visits CLAR8TY offices to learn more about this amazing product and get more of the juice that powers her life.  Want to get Calibr8ted and Aligned in your energy, strength, and vitality? Get CLAR8TY. Make Sure yogurt the Q-CHip, too so you can feel more relaxed using your cell phone.

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About The Author
- Dante Sears is the Crowned "Queen of Broadcast Media". She is an international TV Host, Multi-Media Producer, and Public Personality. Dante Sears is the star of the first selfie-cam lifestyle reality show, "OMG Dante!", and the host of talk show "Kiss and Tell with Dante Sears". A multi-certified Master NLP Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dante is on a mission to Heal the World Through Entertainment. Dante applies her metaphysical healing knowledge to every project. @DanteSears | IG: Dante Sears TV