DANTE TV Founder Dante Sears Featured in I’m Here With Magazine Alberta Canada.

The article is in praise of Dante’s influential new selfie-cam lifestyle reality show, OMG Dante!, which has swept social media posts as followers enjoy using an interacting with the popular hashtag, #OMGDante!.  The show’s popularity has lead to a string of selfie-cam shows all arou

OMG it's Dante Sears from #OMGDante! in I'm Here with Magazine Canada.

OMG it’s Dante Sears from #OMGDante! in I’m Here with Magazine Canada.

OMG Dante! Sears Featured in I’m Here With Magazine

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About The Author
- Dante Sears is the Crowned "Queen of Broadcast Media". She is an international TV Host, Multi-Media Producer, and Public Personality. Dante Sears is the star of the first selfie-cam lifestyle reality show, "OMG Dante!", and the host of talk show "Kiss and Tell with Dante Sears". A multi-certified Master NLP Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dante is on a mission to Heal the World Through Entertainment. Dante applies her metaphysical healing knowledge to every project. @DanteSears | IG: Dante Sears TV

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